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Unlocking the Fast Track: CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry Expedited Travel Programs Explained

Updated: Jun 5

benefits, disadvantages, and differences between CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry
Traveling through airport security

Welcome to Catching Caerus, your go-to travel guide for seamless and stress-free journeys. Today, we’re diving into the benefits, disadvantages, and differences between CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry. Whether you're a frequent flyer or planning your next big adventure, understanding these expedited travel programs can save you time and make your travels smoother.

CLEAR: Speed Through Identity Verification


  • Expedited Identity Verification: CLEAR uses biometric data (fingerprints and iris scans) to quickly verify your identity, allowing you to bypass the traditional ID check line.

  • Wide Availability: In addition to airports, CLEAR is available at select sports stadiums and event venues, making it versatile for various situations.


  • Cost: At $189 per year, CLEAR is the most expensive option.

  • Limited Access: While it speeds up the ID check process, it does not replace TSA security screening procedures, so it’s best used in combination with TSA PreCheck.

Key Points:

  • Application Process: Quick online sign-up followed by an in-person visit to a CLEAR enrollment center for biometric data collection.

  • Best For: Frequent travelers who value the fastest possible airport experience and frequent stadium or event attendees.

TSA PreCheck: Smooth Sailing Through Security


  • Dedicated Lanes: Use of dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes at airport security checkpoints.

  • Less Hassle: No need to remove shoes, belts, light jackets, laptops, or liquids from carry-on bags.

  • Cost-Effective: At $78 for five years, it’s a budget-friendly option for frequent travelers.


  • Availability: Only available at participating U.S. airports and airlines.

  • Application Process: Requires an online application and an in-person appointment for fingerprinting and background check.

Key Points:

  • Application Process: Apply online, followed by an in-person appointment for fingerprinting and background check.

  • Best For: Domestic travelers looking for a cost-effective way to expedite their security screening.

Global Entry: The International Traveler’s Best Friend


  • Expedited Entry: Quick processing through U.S. customs and immigration upon returning from international trips.

  • TSA PreCheck Included: Global Entry membership includes TSA PreCheck benefits, providing a comprehensive solution for both international and domestic travel.


  • Cost: At $100 for five years, it’s more expensive than TSA PreCheck but includes additional benefits.

  • Application Process: Extensive application process including a detailed background check and in-person interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center.

Key Points:

  • Application Process: Apply online, pay the fee, and schedule an in-person interview for approval.

  • Best For: International travelers who want expedited customs processing and the benefits of TSA PreCheck for domestic flights.

Choosing the Right Program

Selecting the right program depends on your travel habits:

  • Domestic Travelers: TSA PreCheck offers the best value for frequent domestic flights.

  • International Travelers: Global Entry is ideal for those who frequently travel internationally and want the added benefit of TSA PreCheck.

  • Frequent Flyers: CLEAR, when combined with TSA PreCheck, provides the fastest overall experience at airports.

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Understanding the differences between CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry can significantly enhance your travel experience. Each program offers unique benefits tailored to different travel needs, ensuring you spend less time in lines and more time enjoying your journey.

For more travel tips and guides, stay tuned to Catching Caerus, and let’s make your travel dreams a reality!

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